An Open Letter to My Wife

Ashlee Caryn,                                                                                               12/23/2015

I was reading in Genesis 24 yesterday and the more I studied the life of Rebekah in that chapter the more I saw you. I was overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for you in my life. Here are five things about Rebekah in Genesis 24 that stuck out to me and reminded me of you:

  1. She cares for her home

Genesis 24:15 “Before he had finished speaking, Rebekah was coming out with a pitcher on her shoulder.”

She was out during the day grabbing water for her home. She was diligent in her role and made sure there was provision for her family.

You are an excellent wife and mother and your daily acts of service show how much you love and care for Caleb and I. You love us so well with the great sacrifice you make to be at home with him.

  1. She was ready to be a servant, to show kindness, and to be a source of blessing to others

Genesis 24:18-19 “She said, ‘Drink, sir!’ and quickly lowered the pitcher on her hand to give him a drink. When she was through quenching his thirst, she said, ‘I will draw for your camels, too, until they have enough.”

She “quickly” gave Abraham’s servant a drink and met his need. She continued to serve him and it doesn’t appear she gave a second thought. She blessed him with her time and gave what she could with what she had.

God continually shows me his kindness through you, and your servant heart is a blessing to all who know you. Whenever there is a need you are always so quick to act and not think twice (which challenges me!)

  1. She is hospitable and stewards her home/resources to minister to others

Genesis 24:25 “Then she added, ‘we have plenty of straw and fodder and space to spend the night.”

She had “plenty” of straw and fodder, meaning she had been a good steward to have extra. She stored up her resources to minister to whoever God would place in her path. She was ready and willing to give up “space” in her home for a night to meet the needs of her neighbor.

Your gift of hospitality has continually grown and I love your perspective of our home being a place of ministry. You continually look for ways to steward money, time and talents to be a blessing to others.

  1. Sensitive and submissive to God’s will

Genesis 24:58 “So they called Rebekah and asked her, ‘Are you willing to go with this man?’ Her answer was ‘I will go!’

She was so sensitive to God’s leading and direction that overnight she was off to marry Isaac. She didn’t fight or resist but went willingly.

I have watched you lay down your desires and plans for God’s plan willingly. From the birth of our son to the loss of our twins, you continue to look to God to direct you, submitting to His plan for your life, and it is beautiful.

  1. She gives careful thought to the future (prudent and wise)

Genesis 24:65 “and asked the servant, ‘Who is that man over there walking in the field to meet us?’ The servant replied, ‘That is my master.’ She therefore took her veil and covered herself.”

She took notice of what was coming, asked questions, and was ready. She want caught off guard but was prudent and prepared.

You continually look forward to the future and act in wisdom and prudence. You ask great questions and challenge me and my thinking. You dream big and set goals to shoot for the stars. Most importantly you daily devote yourself to the One who you are preparing to spend eternity with.

I am so proud of you and the wife and mother that God is molding you into. I cannot thank God enough for you in my life and pray that He would continue to make you fruitful and multiply you!


Bryan Matthew

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