Well, the weekend is finally here. I always cherish Fridays. Caleb and I eat breakfast together. He usually eats oatmeal and bananas with his milk (which he has learned to sign “milk” and “please” and we are so proud of him!) while I drink a Juice Plus Complete smoothie. Then, we head to Park Cities YMCA. We have really loved PCY. While, I haven’t made too many friends there, they have amazing classes (shred, body pump, spin, piloxing, yoga to name a few) and the child care workers are INCREDIBLE and they adore Caleb. A few months back, I started taking Piloxing (they offer it on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays), and holy cow, this is by far one of the best workouts I have ever done. It’s high intensity the entire hour. The first time I took the class, I was dripping sweat within the first 10 minutes, and it didn’t stop after that. So ladies, if you need a good workout, try piloxing, I swear by it.

Anyway, after I have a good workout, we come home, and Caleb naps while I eat lunch and shower and clean up, and then his Gigi comes to get him. He has been staying with his GiGi and Poppy every Friday since he was about 3 or 4 months old. And how it blesses us so much, even more now that he isn’t breastfeed and I don’t have to pump.

I love Friday afternoons, because I have the whole house to myself: to be productive, or sit and rest, whatever I choose. I usually try to do both. I will usually either work on our newsletter, read a book, spend some time in prayer and reading God’s word, cleaning the house, laundry, and if I have time, I’ll watch a tv show or movie.

Bryan and I have chosen to use Friday nights and Date Night. I always get so giddy and have butterflies thinking about it. As a stay at home mom, it’s not often that I get to dress up and go out with my groom. So, I always love being able to do that on Friday nights. A new restaurant opened up down the street from us a couple months back, and being from Alabama, I have been dying to try it because I know it will remind me of home. So, I believe we are heading there tonight.  I really enjoy our date nights, a lot! No kiddo, uninterrupted time, just gazing into each other’s eyes and having deep conversation; it’s one of my very favorite things. And it wouldn’t be possible without Bryan’s incredible parents (THANK YOU!)

We have really been trying to live on a strict budget as of late, since we have Bryan’s banking school to pay for, and a new AC unit, and my car keeps going in and out of the shop; those can make date nights hard, but thankfully one of Bryan’s coworkers gifted him with a VISA gift card for Christmas, so we are using it tonight. (thank you Lord for your provision!).

Anyway, that is a little look into our Fridays. I am going to go read some in How To Win Friends And Influence People, the first book of The Nancy Ray Book Club of 2016. I’m only 70 pages in, but it is seriously the best book. It isn’t biblical, but it has a lot of biblical principles and I am learning so much. I hope y’all are enjoying this beautifully warm weather! Have a great weekend!

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