God Gives Second Chances

y’all, can we just talk about how good GOD is? or how about how He wants good things for us? Well, if you haven’t experienced his goodness yet, our prayer is that you would come to know and experience it deeply, because it is undeniably incredible.

For those of you who may not know, Bryan and I met in Haiti in October of 2012 on a short term discipleship trip with our church, Watermark. That trip altered our life, not only is it where we met, but I believe the Lord began to instill in us a heart for missions and for the people of Haiti. We have been desperately trying to go back ever since. So, last summer Bryan and I began planning a trip back to Mission of Hope, Haiti with some Equipped Disciple leaders from our church. One of our prayers is that the 2:7 Series would make its way into the country and that it would radically transform the lives of the Haitian people as we have seen it done here time and time again.

haiti landscape

We had originally been planning to go down in October. So, we began praying and talking with people and sending emails back and forth; but for some reason (we didn’t know why at the time) that all fell through. The Lord in his good sovereignty didn’t allow us to go to Haiti in October…fast forward several months..we now know why..We found out our twins hearts stopped beating at the end of September and had my D&C in October. How great is the Lord? He knew that very thing would happen, which is why our trip fell through. Either we would have had to cancel the trip, or I wouldn’t have been able to go and would have been miserable; either way, it was a loss. But God knew that…

team sidestep

In November, we began to pray for another opportunity to visit Haiti. We really wanted to go down with our community group, but that didn’t seem to be lining up. Well, in the middle of December, we received an email from the External Focus team at Watermark stating that they knew we had been interested in trying to go back to Haiti in the fall, and there was a family trip going in February would we be interested in going? UMMM WHAT!?!?!?! You’re inviting us to go back to Haiti? HECK YES! An answer to prayer!! Yet, in all our excitement, we didn’t want to make a rash decision, so, we took a couple of weeks and prayed through it and processed with our community and we felt the Lord nudging us in that direction.


So here we are, January 11 and we leave for Mission of Hope Haiti exactly one month! And boy are we excited! We will be at MOH for 5 days with 16 other families from our church. (And no, Caleb isn’t going he will be staying here with GiGi and Pop).We are in “all hands on deck” mode preparing for our departure. We are reading “Helping Without Hurting”, memorizing scripture, meeting as a team, and raising money.

little boy

One thing we love about these trips is that we get to involve other people: both through prayer and financial support. I love the idea of asking other people for help. Not only is it humbling, but it’s allowing them to invest into your life and into the lives of those you will impact on your trip. Our trip cost $1,500 per person, so we are needing to raise $3,000 by February 1. If you would like to donate, you can do so here: Haiti Feb 2016 Family Trip or you can send a donation to Watermark Community Church, 7540 LBJ Dallas Texas 75251, Attn: Karen Bundren. On the memo line of your check, please include “Haiti Relief/ ‘Ashlee and Bryan Robert’”. Watermark will send you a tax receipt.

group painting


1. We are praying for an opportunity to meet the child we sponsor, Ivenson. We have been sponsoring him about 3 years now. He is in high school and wants to be an engineer. We have written back and forth numerous times, so it would be lovely to finally meet him.

2. We are also praying my passport comes in on time, as I sent it off about a month ago to have my name changed, and of course, there have been complications. So, please join us in praying that the Lord works everything out and my passport makes it back before we leave for Haiti!

3. Prayers for safety while traveling to and from Haiti, and while we are in Haiti.

4. Prayers for health for every individual.

5. Prayers that the lives of the Haitian people would be transformed through the Holy Spirit, and they would experience God in a real, fresh way.

6. That the work we are doing wouldn’t enable the Haitian people but we would encourage them and stir them on towards love and good works.

7. That God would do a miraculous work in the nation of Haiti: in it’s government, it’s people, it’s businesses and that he would be glorified in crazy ways through that country.

8. That we would remain humble and teachable.

We genuinely covet your prayers this next month, for the week we are on the trip, and the weeks to follow. We are praying God does wonderful things while we are down there and that He shows up in BIG ways, which we know He will. Thank you for letting us share our lives with y’all. We will continue to post Haiti updates throughout the next month.

moh haiti.png

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