Friday Round-Up

Well, it’s finally FRIDAY!!! Caleb is off to his grandparents house, which leaves me at home, finishing my to-do list: reading, journaling, reviewing scripture, cleaning, meal-planning, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, etc..the list seems endless. But Bryan will be home early today, which means some extended quality time! I am looking forward to that!

Last weekend was a wonderful weekend! Bryan prepared dinner for me on Friday night, and brought home white roses (how romantic)! We had a lovely evening in, catching up with one another and eating popcorn and watching Cosby (one of our favorite pass-times).

date night

Saturday we did a half day of prayer, which was much needed and greatly encouraging. And Sunday we had Haiti training and church. We are looking forward to Haiti so much! I cannot believe it is in 3 weeks! I am praying we will get to meet Ivenson, and that deep relationships will form with our team members, and that the lives of the Haitian people will be touched with the gospel and changed for ever by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Oh, yes, and how could I forget…we got an email last Friday from one of the EF Leaders at Watermark, and we have completely reached our goal for Haiti funding. And we are actually over by a lot! God is soo good! He provided in great abundance! My passport also came in on Friday, so I have a completely updated passport-Thank You Jesus!! He heard our prayers and stirred in the hearts of individuals and we are fully funded! Hallelujah!

When we were at church on Sunday, we were able to catch up with some of our dear friends whom we hadn’t seen in a while. They shared with us how they recently bought a house in the Bishop Arts District/Oak Cliff area of Dallas. The husband was sharing with Bryan his dream and vision for that area, as it is an impoverished area. His dreams and goals are greatly encouraging and stirred in our hearts the need to pray if that is where the Lord would move us. We have been processing for about a year now of living in close community with others, being that people would live with us. And that desire has become more prominent over the last few months. We truly believe that running into this couple was an act of our Father, potentially guiding us where we wants us. Is that area somewhere we would have thought to live? Probably not. Is that area safe? Definitely not. Do those people need Jesus just as much as we do? Absolutely! Do they need community and others to come alongside them and encourage them with their gifts and talents? You bet they do. So, we are simply praying that the Lord would direct our steps and that we wouldn’t lean on our own desires, but we would listen closely to his calling. So, please join us in praying where the Lord would have us go and what he would have us do.

bishop arts

Several days ago, I finished the book “How To Win Friends And Influence People“. It is with Nancy Ray’s Book Club. We are suppose to read it through the whole month of January, but it is truly an amazing book, and I couldn’t put it down, so I finished 11 days early. It has some great truths, that I believe are biblical and absolutely need to be applied to my life. This book will be one I refer to often because it gives such great advice on how to deal with people. I wish I would have read it years ago. This book is for EVERYONE, so do yourself a favor and order it, and read it. I promise you will not regret it.

how to win friends

So with that book finished, before we move on to our February book “His Needs, Her Needs”,I am taking time to finish “The Hidden Art of Homemaking” by Edith Schaeffer. Y’all, this book is seriously LIFE CHANGING. My whole perspective on being at home has completely changed since reading this book. The Lord has used Edith’s book to bring great contentment in being a SAHM, which some of you know, is something I have wrestled with greatly. Being a SAHM is a divine calling, and a high calling at that. Not everyone is cut out for it. In this book, Edith challenges us women to recognize our creative abilities and fulfill some of our talents in our day to day life, rather that be art, cooking, writing, music, gardening, clothing. Our attitude of being a SAHM should be that of a career. This is our career: raising our children, keeping our house clean, providing hot meals for our husbands when they come home, that is our job. And what an incredible and holy calling it is. There is so much truth in this book. It is challenging and encouraging. I am so thankful Bryan bought this book for me.


Bryan has been busy this week, working on his banking school project. He is on his 2nd project and it is due Monday. I am so very proud of how he has worked so hard over the last several months. He has put blood, sweat, and maybe even some tears into these projects; which are not easy by any stretch of the imagination. They have tested him, stretched him, and grown him. And I am so proud of how determined he has been during this season of schooling. He has not given up, but has pushed in when the going got tough. Only one more project until he will be back in Boulder at school. Then only one more year! Please pray the Lord expands his time as we wraps up this project this weekend.

As this month is beginning to come to a close,  I look back on my January goals, this is where I am:

  • I have been consistent in taking Piloxing. I also realized once Equipped Disciple starts back up, I will not be able to take this on Mondays, so I will have to move my other class to Saturday mornings)
  • I have taken yoga only twice, with my goal of 4x a month
  • Completed How to Win Friends And Influence People
  • Completed Helping Without Hurting (Book we are using for our Haiti Training)
  • 3 more chapters left in The Hidden Art of Homemaking
  • Memorized Psalm 40:1 and Romans 4:20-22
  • consistently awoken at 5:45 to have an hour+ alone time with God before Caleb wakes up (that is my absolute favorite part of the day!)
  • Sent 4 encouraging letters to dear friends
  • Meal planned consistently (Which this really does help your grocery bill, believe it or not!)


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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