These past few days have been a bit of a blur, as we have been so busy, and I have been so very tired.

Friday night we celebrated my birthday that is this upcoming weekend, but I will be out of town. My in-laws were so sweet and watched Caleb and gave us a gift card to Pappadeaux’s, so we were able to go out to eat. It was a sweet time with just Bryan and I. We ate our weight in seafood, and of course a free dessert on the house didn’t hurt either.

We found out last Wednesday, from our service man, that it was going to cost around $1700 for my car to be repaired (we have already put $1600 into it over the last several months, and my car is only worth about $2000). So, we decided it was time to part ways with Callie the Cobalt, and upgrade to a new car. So, Saturday, we went car shopping. This was the first time I had ever gone car shopping. And, it definitely is not my favorite thing to do. Yes, I do love looking at all the cars and test driving them, but the negotiation and back and forth with the middle-man, is not appealing to me. Thankfully, the Lord provided, and while it did take all day (and I mean ALL day), we finally purchased a car.

Sunday was filled with all the errands we didn’t get to on Saturday: Walmart, Trader Joes, Tom Thumb, Once Upon a Child; you name it-we went there. Cleaning, laundry, cooking for the week. And then we had our last Haiti training before we leave in 9 days (CRAZY!) and church.

Yesterday, was the first day of Equipped Disciple at Watermark. I am leading a group of precious godly women through book 2. My whole table from ED1 moved up to ED2, and we’ve added a sweet lady as well, whom Bryan is actually close with her son. ED is probably one of my favorite things to do. I love getting together with other women and diving into the word-studying it-mediating on it-memorizing it-and putting it into practice. We are called to be disciples, and there is no other ministry, where the disciples come to you-how great! I am looking forward to this season, to see these women’s relationship deepen even further and their love for their Lord grow even more contagious to the outside world. Then, yesterday afternoon, we went up to Frisco and had dinner with Bryan’s parents. It was great to see them and spend some quality time with them. And, they both are incredible goods, so the food is always delicious!

Today was such a sweet day. I was able to go to Waco with one of my life long best friends who moved to DFW back in September. We spent the day shopping and eating, and boy am I stuffed. And Caleb got to come along too. We ate lunch at Ninfas, which was super yummy, and shopped at SPICE (which if you haven’t ever been there, I highly recommend it. It’s like a flea mall but with cute boutiques), and of course, we had to stop at Magnolia Market. I bought a world map and an alphabet chart, both of which I want to frame and hang in Caleb’s room. And then Caleb got to play outside on the turf for a while. It was really fun to watch him play and throw the balls around. Our last stop was made at Common Grounds from some coffee before we hit the road back to the big D.

Now, we are finally home, unwinding, watching The Porch, and working on Equipped Disciple. We plan on reading in bed before we call it a night. Thankfully we have 2 slower days before a busy weekend, and then next week, we leave for Haiti. Keep us in your prayers!


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