September Goals

It has been quiet some time since I wrote in my blog. A lot of life change has happened since April. I will try to simplify: we found out we were pregnant on the twins due date, also my momma’s birthday (April 24). We are expecting a sweet baby boy on December 26. We spent the majority of the summer house hunting, which is now on PAUSE. We have been dealing with a leak and renovations since May..and we are currently still waiting for our kitchen to be redone (waiting on the cabinets to be made). So hopefully by mid October all of that will be settled.

In the meantime, it’s a new month! I can’t believe its September. I already have the AC cranked down, my pumpkin candle burning 24/7 and I am making some homemade pumpkin cinnamon spice decaf latte’s..isn’t the fall just wonderful?

With a new month, comes new goals. I love setting goals because it helps keep me on track, keep me focused, and helps me from wasting lots of time. I have 4 areas of goals: personal/health, spiritual, family and business.

I have deemed September: Simplify September month. We have done a purge in our kitchen already today in preparation for the demolition to our upper cabinets. So, I thought I would continue that with our closet, Caleb’s closet and the bookshelf. I want to spend this month simplifying areas in our home. Nancy Ray has a lovely series on organization and I found her organization in home blog post very encouraging and also a kick in the pants to get our home better organized. (you can find that blog post here)


  •  read the Advantage with the Nancy Ray Book Club
  • continue working out 4x weekly
  • continue eating healthy, whole foods
  • clean out closets, bookshelf, and organize home (make sure everything has a place)


  • have a family day with Bryan’s parents
  • send mom/dad anniversary card
  • send mandee birthday gift
  • play at park with Bryan and Caleb
  • go for 2 family walks in the evenings


  • finish Luke & Psalms
  • memorize 4 “one another” verses (1 per week)
  • finalize planning on ED Leader Retreat
  • attend conference in OKC with Bryan


  • host facebook party with mom
  • share JP with someone daily
  • add 1 team member/2 customers
  • send customers care cards

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