Juice Plus

Bryan and I were first introduced to Juice Plus last year when I was pregnant with Caleb, through a dear friend of ours. But, it wasn’t until this year that we realized we were missing a lot of nutrients in our diet and needed a change. That is when we decided to order juice plus. It has been such a blessing in our lives. We are sleeping better, our allergies are gone, Caleb’s eczema has cleared up, I haven’t had to use my inhaler any, and we have found we are making more health conscious choices about what we put into our body to fuel it.

So what is Juice Plus? Juice Plus is whole food based nutrition made from over 30 different fruits, & vegetables. Juice Plus helps to bridge the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat.  It is not a vitamin, supplement or treatment for disease. Although, it does have incredible benefits for our bodies and lots of people who suffer from diseases, allergies, asthma are cleared from their symptoms with the help of Juice Plus.  A study of over 150,000 people showed that of those who take JP: 61% began to consume more fruits and vegetables in addition to JP, 71% reported drinking more water, 89% became more health conscious overall, 56% are taking less over the counter and prescription drugs, and 71% eat less fast food. It has incredible results! This is just the results from 1 of over 30 university and hospital studies that Juice Plus has done. Juice Plus has also been proven to reduce oxidative stress, protects  DNA, support healthy gums & diminish bleeding, contributes to cardiovascular wellness and supports immune system.

One thing that drew us to the product is that it is literally 30+ fruits and vegetables blended up into powder form and put into a capsule; it is what we call whole food nutrition. There wasn’t all these extra additives in the ingredient list, just the fruits & vegetables. And because it is just fruits and vegetables, your body absorbs it all and disperses it; your body doesn’t pee half of it out, like it does with a vitamin or supplement.

Another reason we were drawn to JP is they have what is called  “The Children’s Health Study” and this allows children in the home  ages 4-18 to take either the capsule or gummie for free as long as an adult is taking the product as well.

 The vast majority of fruits and vegetables we eat from the grocery are pulled “pre-ripe”, which means they are not ripe when they are pulled; the companies spray them with gases to ripen them; and therefore we do not get the full nutrients from them plus a lot of harsh chemicals. JP has contracts with different farmers, and they do not pull the fruit or vegetable until they are completely ripe, therefore we get the best nutrition possible from each vegetable or fruit.

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